An interactive bulletin board with four activities the students may complete individually. Once a student has completed all for activities, he/she will then be able to sign the classroom's declaration of independence. Following are descriptions of the four activities:

1. Revolutionary Math: This section of the bullentin board consists of two math activities. In the first activity students will be using recipe cards provided to rewrite the soup recipe. Students will be using multiplication of fractions to solve how much of each ingredient is needed to serve 640 soldiers of the Continental Army. In the second activity students are to solve the word problem regarding inflation during the war in their Math Composition book.

2. Famous Events of the Revolutionary War: On this portion of the bulletin board students will have a numbered list of major events that occurred during the Revolutionary War. Below the list is 15 numbers with velcro attached the back of them, that correspond with the list. To the left of the list and numbers is a map of the original 13 colonies, and fifteen different pieces of velcro that mark the location where the major events occurred . The students must attach the correct number to its correct location on the map.

3. Which Side Are You On?: Students will be writing a persuasive letter to the Continental Congress. They will pick a Revolutionary War character of their choice (ex. Patrick Henry, Nathan Hale, Betsy Ross etc.) In their letter they must explain who they are and their role in the war. They must adopt a stance of persuading the Continental Congress to claim independence in America and free ties with Britain, or convince them that the colonies should remain under the control of Britain. The letter will be peer edited and a final draft must be constructed. The grading rubric is posted on the bulletin board.

4. American Revolutionary Vocabulary: On the bulletin board, there is a poster size crossword puzzle that the students may complete individually or in small groups. The crossword uses 12 words related to the American Revolution, and consists of clues, and a word bank. The students will fill the the crossword using a dry erase marker and check their answers using the answer key on the bulletin board.