• "Conquer The Colonies" is a two player game that tests the students' knowledge on the American Revolution. The object of the game is to make it around the board as many times as possible by answering trivia questions about the American Revolution. Each time a player passes the start square, he/she gets to claim one of the 13 colonies. The player with the most colonies at the end wins!


"Spell to Sign"
  • There are 25 vocabulary words inside each folder. Each player takes a turn spelling a word. When the word is spelled correctly, the player signs the "Declaration of Independence" with the enclosed caligraphy pen. The player with the most signatures at the end wins the game!
  • "Revolutionary Trivia" is 2-4 player game that extends students knowledge on leaders, battles, and causes of the American Revolution. Players roll the die, take a card, answer the question correctly and advanced the amount of space on the die. First player to reach the finish line wins the game.

"Ride Through the Revolution"
  • Ride through the American Revolution with Paul Revere as he speeds away from the British to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams! Travel through the New England countryside by answering Revolutionary War trivia cards to move forward. Be aware of where you land—you may be forced back by the British or aided by the Colonists.

  • This game relies on the rules of the card game "war". Each player will decide if they wish to be Colonist or British. Students have the pile of cards divided between the two players. They each flip the top card at the same time. The player that has the highest card has the opportunity to draw a question and answer first. If that player answers the question correctly, then they fill in one of the 13 colonies with either British or Colonist. If the player answers incorrectly their opponent will have the chance to answer the question and in turn gain a colony. The player with the most colonies at the end of the game is the winner.