1. www.mrnussbaum.com/amflash.htm
  • This website contains an interactive battle map, a revolution timeline, causes and effects of the war, influential people, and information about the 13 colonies. The website is very easy for the students to navigate and research different aspects of the revolutionary war. There are several activities and games for the students to cplete and show their understanding of the content.
  • This website can be incorporated into the unit at various points. The students can use the interactive battle map and timeline to complete an activity on the interactive bulletin board that requires the students to match major events of the revolutionary war to the correct colony. They may also use the influential people section to research and complete the writing assignment for the bulletin board. The website also contains several activities, such as quizzes, word searches, and crossword puzzles, that may be used as a center at any time during the unit.

2. www.pbs.org/ktca/liberty/
  • This website is a series of "newspaper Chronicles" that let the students experience the American Revolution first-hand. On the left hand side, there are links with the names of major cities and dates that take the students to newspaper headlines describing events that shaped the war and America. When the article mentions a major figure or event, it provides a link for the students to research in more depth.
  • This website will be integrated into the unit at several points, but will mainly be used comlpete the activites on the bulletin board. The newspaper chronicles are great for the students to use as a research tool to find out where and when the major events of the American revolution took place. They may also use the timeline to put these events into chronological order and help them understand the cause and effect of each. This website may also be used in centers, where students research a particular event, influential figure, or colony, and complete an activity.