Cast Two Shadows: The American Revolution in the South
Cast of Two Shadows: The American Revolution in the South
Author: Ann Rinaldi
Publisher: Gulliver Books Paperbacks; 1 edition (May 1, 2000)
Reading Level: Age 11-16

Author Biography: Ann Rinaldi is best known for her historical fiction, including In My Father’s House, The Last Silk Dress, An Acquaintance with Darkness, A Break with Charity, and Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons. She has written a total of forty novels, eight of which were listed as notable by the American Library Association. She is the most prolific writer for the Great Episode series, a series of historical fiction novels set during the American Colonial era. She also writes for the Dear America series.

This historical novel illustrates the destruction of war the eyes of a young girl named Caroline Whitaker, who is involved as a spectator, victim, and reluctant participant when the Revolutionary War affects life on a South Carolina plantation in 1780. Fourteen-year-old Caroline is caught in the violent web of war—her Patriot father is imprisoned, her Loyalist brother Johnny is wounded, her best friend is hanged by the British before her eyes, and her sister is fast becoming the doxy of the cruel British officer who has commandeered their house. To further complicate matters, although her family chooses to ignore it, Caroline knows that she is the result of her father's dalliance with one of his black slaves. In fact, her grandmother, Miz Melindy, still lives in the slave quarters. When Caroline and Miz Melindy take a long wagon journey together (in an attempt to save Johnny), the young heroine at last comes to terms with the complexity and tumult of her life.

My Brother Sam Is Dead (A Newberry Honor Book)
My Brother Sam is Dead
Author: Christopher Collier, James Lincoln Collier
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks (06/01/2005)
Reading Level: Age 12-17
Honors: 1975 Newberry Honor Book, a Notable Children’s Book by the American Library Association, nominated for a National Book Award (1975)

Author Biographies: After college, Christopher Collier taught social studies in
Connecticut to senior and junior high school students. Later he earned a Ph.D. from Columbia University and has taught American history at the college level since 1961. In 1985, he was named Connecticut State Historian. As a professor and historian, Christopher writes scholarly articles, monographs, and books. His book Roger Sherman's Connecticut: Yankee Politics and the American Revolution (Wesleyan University Press, 1971) was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. James Lincoln Collier, a journalist with thirty years of experience, worked with his brother, Christopher Collier, to write works of historical fiction designed to be fun and educational for children.

In this novel, set during the American Revolutionary War, a family living in a loyal Tory (British) town faces adversity when one son joins the rebel army. Tim Meeker, the main character of the books, looks up to his brother Sam, who is now a part of the American Revolution. However, not everyone in town wants to be a part of the rebellion. Most are supporters of the British, including Tim and Sam's father. With the war soon raging, Tim know he'll have to make a choice between the Revolutionaries and the Redcoats. And between his brother and his father.