Grievance Form
From: Proffesional
Reason For The Conference: I wish my reasons to be heard, as to why I want to have my full rights back.

Do you have grievances? yes

If so please list and be ready to explain:

  1. No more private vehicles are allowed; this includes motorcycles, trucks of all forms, bicycles, automobiles, etc. --your needs will be met by the kingdom.
- Your majesty I have a vast array of both cars as well as motorcycles. I have worked very hard throughout both my teenage years as well as adult life to acquire such a collection, and do not wish to part with them. If my vehicles are taken, I feel you no better than a burglar on the street.
  1. No more shopping areas--needed materials will be issued. This will include acceptable uniforms for the roles you will serve in the new kingdom.
- I am a shopper at heart. I make great money and enjoy spending it. I feel as though I contribute greatly to her majesties economy, and I wish to continue doing so.
  1. You will be assigned medical personnel.
- As I am in poor health at times I require a full staff of medical professionals on call or in my house at all times. This costs me greatly, but I enjoy the peace of mind. If my medical staff were to be taken away I fear for my health. My medical needs would also cost her majesty a great sum of money annually.
  1. Your private property shall be made the property of the kingdom and you will be given adequate housing and shelter.
- Why should a man or woman work hard all their live to acquire such nice possessions, if only for these possessions to be ripped away by the country they have lived in their whole lives. I feel thoroughly violated by this order. My home not only holds myself but a large staff as well. These people will be sent out to the streets, and then require dozens of separate homes to house them individually. By allowing me to remain in my home, I can house and shelter all of these workers.
  1. From this time on no travel is allowed without special permission--you have no need to leave this area.
- Your majesty my business requires that I travel. Without travel I can not continue with my business and pay the taxes that are owed to year each year. Through travel my business can continue to flourish, and you may have a cut as you have maintained every year through taxation.
  1. There is no need for decorative items--pictures, jewels, sculptures, etc. These will be housed on the royal grounds for all citizens to view and enjoy.
- Once again I feel this restriction to be in great violation of all the years of hard work that I have poured into my business. I attained these assets through that work ethic and have been allowing your economy in turn to grow with all of my purchases being made on your land. I demand that my possessions remain mine.
  1. There will be no work allowed on Sundays--you must attend Her Majesty's church 8 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. no activity is allowed but the reading of the Queen's bible.
- Once again since I do travel for business I would not be able to account for my where about on any given Sunday. There are Sundays that I am working. I again in turn spend much of my income in the land that her majesty rules. Therefore, allowing much of it to wind up in her pockets. I wish to have Sunday available to me to conduct business and I will continue to work hard and in turn spend hard.

Feel free to add any more:

Your Majesty,

I wish to continue to live and love the land which I was born on. However this can not continue to occur if all of my rights are stripped from me. I fear that many will leave your kingdom if you continue to enforce such rules. We want nothing more but to be ruled by you, but we refuse to live as prisoners.

Your Loyal Subject