Worker’s Grievance Form
Reason For The Conference: To explain to Her Majesty my reasons for these grievances
Do you have grievances? Yes
If so please list and be ready to explain:

1. No more private vehicles are allowed; this includes motorcycles, trucks of all forms, bicycles, automobiles, etc. --your needs will be met by the kingdom.
- We work for a living, and this includes the need for a private vehicle to ensure the materials and commodities wanted by the consumers are available when ever necessary. Some of us even offer a delivery or in home service that requires a vehicle to meet the consumers’ needs. If we do not have private vehicles we all can lose a significant amount of wages!

2. No more school for workers’ families.
- We all work very hard to earn a living, and those of us with kids strive to give our families the resources to move up the social ladder so they do not have to struggle like we do. If our families cannot get an education, not only will they suffer in the future but the colonies will be filled with uneducated people!

3. No persons will be allowed outside their homes after 5pm unless attending a royally approved activity.
- Your Majesty, in order for us workers to make a decent living, most of us will have to work beyond the 5pm curfew. If you make us stay inside our homes after 5pm we will lose a significant amount of wages and make it impossible to provide for our families.

4. There will be no work allowed on Sundays – you must attend Her Majesty’s church from 8am – noon and 2pm – 4pm. No activity is allowed, but the reading of the Queen’s bible.
- Excluding an entire day from our workweek will make it impossible for us workers to provide essentials for our family. We already struggle as it is working 7 days out of the week and if you exclude Sunday there is no way that we will be able to make enough money to keep our houses, feed our families, and pay our bills.