American Revolution Simulation
● Overview: In order for students to understand why the American colonies declared their independence, the students should be able to relate to that which is held most dearly i.e. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
● California Content Standard: Social Studies
o 5.5 Students explain the causes of the American Revolution.
§ 1. Understand how political, religious, and economic ideas and interests brought about the Revolution (e.g., resistance to imperial policy, the Stamp Act, the Townsend Acts, taxes on tea, Coercive Acts.)
● Objective: The student will understand the grievances of the American colonists.
● Resources/Materials: Handouts, minimal props, text that covers the American Revolution.
● Sample: Grievances
● Activity: The Queen/King Yuckabella role play.

Queen Yuckabella Rebellion Simulation Game-Teacher's Guide

Objective: to understand how situations in life can cause people to leave their homeland and their valued possessions to live in an unknown world.

The teacher should play the role of the queen or king in order that NO real arbitration exists. Once the students are assigned character groups, the teacher will explain that they will write their grievances to the Queen/King (who under NO circumstances, will give in to the worker’s demands.)
Step 1. When students arrive, each will draw a card telling what role he/she will play in the simulation: child, worker, professional and form into those groups (i.e. one group of workers, one group of children, and one group of professionals)
Step 2. The students will be given a work/professional description sheet which they will read together.
Step 3. Each student will be given a royal proclamation—which will be read to the peasants by the Queen/King
Step 4. Each group will discuss their reactions to the proclamations.
Step 5. Each group will list their grievances and request a meeting with the King/Queen.
Step 6. Each group may speak to the King/Queen jointly or with spokesperson/persons.
Step 7. The King/Queen will listen politely to all grievances, ask questions, including asking if the group has an alternative remedy. The teacher will not render a judgment until all groups are heard.
Step 8. King/Queen decisions:
a. Jail
b. Death penalty
c. Continue to colonize the new planet they are on. However, they must follow all proclamations of the Queen and will never be allowed back to Dimdom, their home planet, and their loved ones once they accept this alternative.
Step 9: Students will discuss the King/Queen's decision. They may agree with the King/Queen, or decide to rebel. They will proclaim their decision to the Queen.
Step 10. King/Queen will record their decisions on the white board.

Here ye here ye attention all subjects of Her Majesty Queen Yuckabella:
After thoughtful and careful considerations, Her Majesty Queen Yuckabella has made "slight" changes in the order of your lives. Please keep in mind that the Her Majesty cares about each of you and because of her infinite wisdom knows what is best for you. You will be eternally grateful for the manner in which you are all being cared for in such a selfless manner.

  1. No more private vehicles are allowed; this includes motorcycles, trucks of all forms, bicycles, automobiles, etc. –your needs will be met by the kingdom.
  2. No more television except for the Queen's network—news, weather, necessary educational matters.
  3. No more school for workers' families.
  4. No more shopping areas—needed materials will be issued. This will include acceptable uniforms for the roles you will serve in the new kingdom
  5. Healthy and practical foods will be rationed—you have no need for grocery stores.
  6. You will be assigned medical personnel.
  7. Your private property shall be made the property of the kingdom and you will be given adequate housing and shelter.
  8. Henceforth no marriages will be allowed without the prior approval of Her Majesty.
  9. All married people planning on having children must also receive approval—and children born without license will be seized and made wards of the government.
  10. From this time on no travel is allowed without special permission—you have no need to leave this area.
  11. You must submit all reading materials you have in your private possession. All books, magazines, flyers, pamphlets…must have the royal stamp.
  12. Children 10 years and under will be issued a schedule of approved activities.
  13. Young people 11-15 will also have schedules which will include their orders for adult life training.
  14. Young adults 16+ will be given their lifetime work assignments.
  15. No persons will be allowed outside their homes after 5 p.m. unless attending a royally approved activity.
  16. All movies, plays, and recreational activities will cease immediately and shall be replaced with acceptable alternatives. No modern music will be allowed, nor dancing. The music you will be allowed to enjoy will be religious or about Queen Yuckabella and your country.
  17. There is no need for decorative items—pictures, jewels, sculptures, etc. These will be housed on the royal grounds for all citizens to view and enjoy.
  18. There is no need for personal communication, therefore your telephones will be modified to go to the Queen/King only. In the same respect, any private written communication shall be mailed in the royal post office; only our correspondence shall also be through the Queen's post office.
  19. There will be no work allowed on Sundays—you must attend Her Majesty's church 8 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. No activity is allowed, but the reading of the Queen's bible.
  20. You are all equal and will be treated thus—all your needs will be met by Queen Yuckabella. That is why she and the royal members will need private transportation, travel rights and individual dress and jewelry. Remember, we will be representing you in world affairs.
  21. Certain young adults between the ages of 16-22 years will be expected to serve in her majesty's military forces. Yours will be a special assignment, one that should be viewed as a special privilege.
  22. There will be no need for any kind of currency since you will need to purchase nothing.
  23. In order for you to understand the wonderful opportunities given to you, you will have the opportunity to discuss these matters with the Queen.

Grievance Form
All: use the following form if you choose to be heard by the Royal Court.
Reason For The Conference: _
Do you have grievances? _
If so please list and be ready to explain: _

Feel free to add any more:

Tying It All Together: Compare/Contrast
After a successful revolution, students should get into groups to list the rights and privileges that were taken away from them. They should then prioritize the list so that they understand the ones that were considered the greatest violation of their rights. Students should read about the demands England placed on the colonies. The students will then in their groups list the grievances the colonists had. With the two lists, students should be able to understand why the colonies felt impelled to go to war.